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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pink and Blue

Pink and blue look very pleasant to my eyes.

I am a fan of this color combination. It does not scream all-girly or too boyish. Mixing the two colors depends on what fashion items you are to wear.

Me and my slouchy pose.

The outfit showcases hues in the right places. Color blocking perhaps?

Featuring my animated photos... I'm kidding of course.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Black Notebook and Silver Pen

It was like a eureka moment when I saw this notebook at my favorite online store.

The cover exhibits my favorite color scheme red-black-white.

I wrote G some (love) letters on black paper with silver ink back then.

Sample below:

We're used with white paper and black pen but it gets more interesting when inverted.

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

All the Songs (The Story Behind Every Beatles Release)

The book tackles the history of Beatles - their music and their songs from composition to recording process.

In time... I'll have you.

Window Display: Hermes

If you still don't know by now, I'm fascinated by store window displays. 

This display caught G and my attention. I did not get it the first time. So we went back for another look.

For me, it seems that the yellow boards are like splattered paint moving in such a way that the eyes are fixated on the tie at the center. 

I applauded G for having a deeper meaning with the display. But he was quick to say that it was too obvious. Maybe I wasn't observing and paying much attention.

The yellow boards move and form a silhouette. 

Creating an assumption that this is a creative way to say that a simple tie is versatile enough to be used by anyone on different occasions.

Pretty clever,huh? What do you think? ◘

My Personalized Coke Bottle

Okay, I was not able to go at Share a Coke BGC leg. Good thing, they had it at Greenbelt a few weeks after.

If you've been a follower of my blog, you would know that I've been wanting to collect Coke merchandise.

For now, I'll setlle with my "Share a Coke" bottle. You can have yours too in four (4) easy steps.

First, line up at the counter to buy Coke (minimum of 5 bottles or P150 worth of products per receipt ).

G and I couldn't help but stare at these Coke trucks. He was even eyeing to have them. Too bad, they were not for sale.

Second, get your receipt validated.

Third, line up at the vending machine. This is where you type your name on the screen.

Redeem / get the other Coke products that you bought.

Easy peasy. To know their schedule, you may check Coke's Facebook page:

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