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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get Inspired!

Get inspiration from people and their stories, their views, their struggles. Get inspiration from the things you see, places you can be. Dive in meaning and purpose.

I am happy to be reminded of these ideals with these posters.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ensembles Wear My Design Year 3

This made my day. The top 5 entries for Ensembles Wear My Design Year 3.

Watch out for them on Ensembles' 2015 Spring Dresses Collection.

photo: Ensembles Facebook page

In the meantime, you can browse through their available items and shop online here:

Project Pie

With almost 2 months of waiting in vain, Project Pie in Makati has finally opened.

We're delighted and curious to know how it works, i.e., creating your own pizza.  The process is confusing the first time but once you're in the queue it's easy as 1-2-3.

A staff will meet you at the entrance and wiill then explain how to order.

A menu (piece of paper) will be given. 

You get to choose your pizza... Custom-build your own or order by numbers from pre-select ingredients. 

The second part consists of the pizza toppings and appetizers.

They have salad too.

Ghe and I decided to customize our own pizza.

Ghe's selection:

My selection:

And now the fun part begins. We both selected red sauce for our base.

Cheese and more cheese.

The meat section.

Then the toppings.

Our pizzas are now ready to go in the oven.

We got curious with the small photobooth area while waiting for our food.

After 5-10 minutes, we're now ready to eat.

You also get an additional refill for your drinks.

G conceded on my favor that my pizza tasted more delish than his.

I can hardly wait for our next visit.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sample Room - My first loot bag

I was blog hopping (sorry I forgot the name) when I came across a "Sample Room" badge.

I clicked on and discovered that the site offers free samples for review. I decided to sign-up and got 100 points instantly.  Link here:

Here's my first loot bag.

You'll be needing the points to purchase products that come in full or trial sizes.

I got a 30ml Celeteque Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum for 60 points and only paid for the shipping fee.

You earn back the points by posting a review.

You may also opt to fast track into availing products by buying points.

The process works for me since I get to try a product before buying the actual one, thus, their tagline "Try Before You Buy".

Can't wait to try it and make my review. 

Fanta Soda

Fanta is now making a come-back. I remember when I was still in grade school when the hype for this fruit-flavored carbonated drink started.

When it was first introduced in the country, flavors included Fruit Punch,  Grape, Green Apple, Lemon and Root Beer.

Now it is under the brand "Royal Tru" with Orange as its flagship drink.




Royal Tru has the following flavors available:  Orange (also available in Light), Grape, Dalandan, Lemon and Strawberry.

Oh, the good old days.

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