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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Round Up: October 2012

Clothes / styles I wore last October 2012 reflect a casual and laid-back vibe. A simple pair of denim pants plus polo shirt or a pull-over.

Links from L-R

Faux Denim

Sweet Meringue

Round Up: September 2012

Looking back at the photos, I realized my taste in clothes has changed. 

Oh, did you notice my hairstyle too?

Overtime, I think it's due to age and lifestyle.
But then, the love for dressing up is always there.

Links from top left:

Dots and Spots

Pastel Florals

Borrowed from the Boys

Oriental Opulence

Green Streaks

Mix Up


I fell in love with this pull-over with its houndstooth print.

The print is characterized by its four-pointed shape and is said to originate from Scotland as an outerwear worn by shepherds.

Fashion designers have applied the print on their designs and collections and houndstooth has become a symbol of affluence.

The print is famous in black and white but current styles are more playful with colors.
Pink, green, and dark violet now take centerstage.

Completing the look with a pair of blue shorts, floral flats and a watch in rose gold.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

BGC Impromptu

I've always wanted to become a street performer. 
Yui's performance in the film"A Song to the Sun" inspired me too! 

photo from BGC Impromptu Facebok page

If you dream of becoming one then BGC wants you! 

If you're interested, simply send audition videos to

Design the Next Go Nuts Donuts Box

Let your creative juices flow and unleash the artist in you by designing the Go Nuts Donuts Box of 8.

photo from Go Nuts Donuts Facebook page

The box should contain the Go Nuts Donuts logo, and the slogan "it's all the same 'til you go nuts!"
Deadline is on October 31, 2014.

photo from Go Nuts Donuts website

 Get the complete details here:

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