Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blue Overload

Isn’t it obvious that my favorite color is blue? On that note, I decided to adapt denim in my getup.
Then, it was considered as a fashion no-no to wear denim from head to toe.  But times are changing… Anyone can pull this off given the right elements. 

I have put on a three quarter length sleeve top in light blue, soft fabric; a knee length skirt in navy blue with side pocket details; a watch that matched my top; and for the first time, a pair of wedge shoes.

What made the look interesting was the necklace I wore. After some research, the blue eye charm is said to ward off effects of the evil eye and is to bring good luck on whoever wears it. I just bought it online mainly because of its appearance.

Sometimes it’s better to play around than to stick with the rules. 
Well, for fashion that is. ◘

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