Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boho Chic

The use of earth tones (brown, gold, gray, blue, red, green, white) defines boho chic. To achieve this, I wore my favorite blue top, a denim vest in black-gray with gold buttons, a flowy skirt with floral prints and a pair of sandals in brown and cream.

For accessories, I had blue green dangling earrings with peacock stencil in gold. I stacked on some chunky bracelets made of wood, brass and silver.

The bohemian or hippie look is also characterized by fringes, vintage pieces, boots and tunics with embroidered designs among others.

In addition, this post is also about versatility. Always consider the usefulness of an item when doing your purchase. Think of the many ways you can have it mixed and matched. Like this braided band with feathers. It works triple time as a belt, necklace and hair ornament. 

Wearing the band as a belt: tying it like a ribbon.

As a necklace: making a loop around my neck.

And as hair ornament: Letting down my natural curly hair, tying the band with one end longer than the other around my head.

It’s just about being free spirited – bringing out your individuality. So go and create your own style.

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