Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fresh Florals

More than my interest in fashion, it all boils down to my love for designing. It is the satisfaction I get from sketching on paper and being able to actualize something. And yes, having the authority to create what I want to wear.

I was able to sew a skirt from a textile I bought at Fabric Warehouse. I was quite hesitant with the print I picked. However, I got a nod from Ghe and that pacified my feeling of doubt.

I published a similar post on my Multiply site last 2009 (the year I was able to finish the skirt). The styling was a bit safe: a black top with bat wing sleeves + key necklace in silver + black leather shoes with gold studs  + me being nerdy with my glasses. Links below:

This is my take on the peplum skirt and/or the tulip skirt. Look closely as one fabric overlaps with another and then falls like a drape at the front.

Year 2012, my styling theme is stripes and floral. I don’t want my look to be too busy that’s why I chose red as my main color - a top in red and black stripes matching my skirt in red florals. I used some accessories too! A peter pan collar necklace with gems set in gold and connector rings in pearls and spikes.


I have neither background in fashion illustration nor sewing but I’m contemplating on enrolling at Fashion Institute of the Philippines or at SOFA.

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