Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bella Sensi

While on a trip to the mall, I came across with this cute bottle of cologne. Okay… More than bags and shoes, I get myself fragrances (perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, etc..) more often. I have one in my office drawer, two in my bag and lots in my room. A fetish? Perhaps. 

Bella Sensi is manufactured by A.M. Rieta Chemicals. This FDA-approved cologne comes in four variants – Southern Belle, Bombshell, Fatalebaby Doll and Femme Fatale.

The packaging suggests Art Deco women or 1940’s vintage adverts. I bought Femme Fatale ‘cause there’s a hint of vanilla in it. I tried to spray it in the morning just before leaving home and the product almost lasted the whole afternoon. It really offers value for your money.

You may visit their site at

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