Sunday, July 29, 2012


It’s been said to stick with one fragrance as people remember and associate things with scents.
But how can you do it when there’s a wide collection of perfume to try out there?
These are the modern categories of perfume according to Wikipedia:
  • Bright Floral: combining the traditional Single Floral & Floral Bouquet categories
  • Green: cut grass, crushed green leaf and cucumber-like scents
  • Aquatic, Oceanic, or Ozonic: a very clean, modern smell leading to many of the modern androgynous perfumes; used to accent floral, oriental, and woody fragrances.
  • Citrus: An old fragrance family that until recently consisted mainly of "freshening" eau de colognes, due to the low tenacity of citrus scents. Development of newer fragrance compounds has allowed for the creation of primarily citrus fragrances
  • Fruity: featuring the aromas of fruits other than citrus, such as peach, cassis (black currant), mango, passion fruit, and others
  • Gourmand: scents with "edible" or "dessert"-like qualities. These often contain notes like vanilla, tonka bean and coumarin, as well as synthetic components designed to resemble food flavors. 

 I’m into vanilla, florals, aquatic and greens in that order.
Also, I’ve written in a post that fragrance reviews are good reads. I don’t know if it’s just me but reading through the reviews takes me to a different world of everything beautiful and special.
You may check the following site for your dose of scents sense.

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