Saturday, July 14, 2012

Japanese Street Fashion

Weird and eccentric – that’s how I would describe the look. I have incorporated pieces inspired by Japanese street fashion which is described as mismatched outfits, endless accessories and layering with a pop of color. 

Categorized as follows:
Shibuya – diverse, contemporary
Harajuku – layered, unconventional
Lolita – gothic, sweet, punk, ribbons, lace, vintage

The look is more of the Harajuku style though a little restrained. It’s leaning toward the gray green/aqua color family. I tried hard to look avant garde and made effort to put in texture. I’ve worn a head piece in yellow with feather details. I’ve put an octopus cuff in one ear (bought online at 

I’ve donned black-silver fringe necklace, a claw ring and piled on some bracelets made of wood and metal. 

I’ve slipped on a pair of gray socks with ribbon design + wedges with retro details. ◘

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