Sunday, August 26, 2012

Comfort Food: Recipes by Café Metro

Recipes by Café Metro tops our list whenever Ghe and I want to satisfy our gastronomical needs.  They serve Filipino food at its finest. Our usual foray consists of manggang hilaw, gising-gising, adobo flakes, and General’s chicken. Sometimes with sotanghon soup or crispy tilapia. Yes, we are THAT hungry.

Their mangga passed my “super hilaw taste” and the bagoong's delish too.

I’m not into veggies but gising-gising (chopped green beans, ground pork and coconut milk) is always an exception. It has the right kick enough to crave for another cup of rice.  The sotanghon soup is tasty and the General’s chicken with sliced eggplant has the zing with its sweet and spicy flavor.

I love how the adobo flakes melt in my mouth. Served with soy sauce and hard-boiled egg, it’s an instant hit. The crispy tilapia is Ghe’s favorite.  Hearing the crunch makes me want to try it out.  

No frills. No fancy preparation. The downside, their serving is quite small if you’re going out in groups. 

But with homey interiors, good food and affordable prices, we’ll surely drop by soon. ◘

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