Monday, September 17, 2012

Create Fashion Editorials and More with Polyvore

I really want to be involved in something where the outcome is tangible like producing a song / film, Back when I was younger, I wanted to become a graphic artist. 

The thought of creating plates and coming up with good composition excites me. I want to turn a blank page into a compilation of designs, a festive of products and a display of fashionable items from dresses to shoes to bags.

For a few it may be a way of introducing and selling goods. But for me, it is A R T.  It appeals to the senses and conveys emotions. 

If you also have the same passion, I suggest that you sign up for Polyvore.  They have an extensive collection of stock photos. You have the option to flop or flip the images.

So you can turn these items:

To this fine-looking collage:

The site categorizes sets into:


Art and Expression

Interior Design

Plus you can join groups that sponsor contests. You just have to adhere with the theme set for a certain period.

You can browse through my other work here:

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