Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glam Works Hand Cream

My hands become dry when it gets too cold in the office. Frequent hand washing is also one of the culprits.

Glam Works Hand Cream to the rescue. 

It has Vitamin E which is known to combat dry skin. It also has Aloe Vera which is known for its moisturizing properties. A non-greasy cream, this is a luxurious way to keep hands smooth and softly perfumed.  

Ocean Bliss – The delicate blend of vibrant citrus and floral fragrances evoke the aroma of ocean. This is powdery and lightly scented.


Sweet Berries – The delicate blend of wild berries and sweet floral notes create a classic feminine appeal. This is for those who like something sugary and fruity.


Green Tea - The delicate blend of green tea and floral essences exude a subtle aroma of freshness. Its clean scent improves one’s mental health.


Vanilla Passion - The delicate blend of Vanilla and cocoa fragrances exude a sensual aroma. Vanilla has a calming effect and will help you become more focused.

A pea size amount is enough to keep your hands hydrated plus the relaxing scent won’t hurt too.  This is a steal at P49/30 mL tube. ◘

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