Friday, September 7, 2012

Japsuki – Monologue Whispers

It was one of those days when I was catching up on television. I tuned in to a music channel and “Sayang” was playing in the background. It was quite different from the vocals I have been accustomed to. We all knew what happened that time and it sparked curiosity in me. The song was written by Japs Sergio. He is bassist for Rivermaya (on indefinite leave based on some articles) and guitarist for Daydream Cycle. These are two of the countless OPM bands that I admire. Digging in further I was able to come across his Soundcloud account and his Facebook music page.

On to a new leaf, a great project gets underway - his first solo album called Monologue Whispers. I was quite intrigued by the fact that the songs were created using Garageband. I was able to get a hand on how to make a song using this app through Aural X but a whole CD for that matter is a different story. Aptly called, the album shares his personal thoughts.

Like a lucid interval. Who was I listening to again? The guy can write. And he writes well. Going through the tracks gauging from dreamy / gaze to psychedelic rock of eclectic guitar riffs and catchy tunes, heartfelt musings and lyrics often meaningful that everyone can relate to.
  1. Hits & Misses
  2. Stereo Light
  3. Time of the Signs
  4. The Solar Eye
  5. Hole in One
  6. Echoes
  7. When Dust Becomes Diamonds
  8. Bitter, Sweeter
  9. Summer Fiction
  10. Ten Ways
  11. Dancing on My Rain (Bonus Track)

Personal favorites include “The Solar Eye”, “Echoes”, “Summer Fiction” and “Ten Ways”.

Breaking barriers and without pretensions, “Monologue Whispers” is truly a representation of him as an artist.

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