Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Let's Move & Let's Love"

I commit to write poetry each week. Thus the project SVH, which means “Sonnets versus Haikus”. With this kind of exercise, I take myself to the distant kingdoms of lore, over the mountains and across the shore. I Move therefore I Love!

A step back from the hustles and bustles
This tough and demanding world calls us for
The challenges we convene like puzzles
I need a breather, something to savor

I find comfort in writing poetry
It helps me become resilient and sharp
Words and thoughts beaming in all their glory
They echo like music played with a harp

I write a piece directed to the mind
Or a lullaby shot straight to the heart
In letters, meter and rhythm you’ll find
The passion that I would want to impart

Writing wraps me in its humble abode
I’ve chosen this path, the less traveled road

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