Monday, September 3, 2012

Mix Up

It’s okay to repeat outfits. The challenge is to make it look fresh. The trick is to put cover-ups like a jacket or a vest; Accessorize by adding a different neckpiece such as a detachable collar or a layered necklace; Or by trying to mix and match pieces. 

I wore my favorite blue top (observe how overused it looks), which made its first appearance on my “Boho Chic” post ( and my brown pants on my “Scarf Print” entry ( I’ll be posting more a lot of mix-and-match get-up to attest that fashion need not be expensive. You don’t have to buy new things every payday.

Others feel confident walking in heels, I’m more comfortable with my trusty pair of slippers. Yep, I walk the world in flats.

I added a necklace layered with a heart locket, a key and an angel wing intricately designed.

And a watch (c/o Tomato Timepieces) with interchangeable straps. (Ooops, save that for another post). What do you think? ◘

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