Monday, September 3, 2012

Palatable Sizzling Pepper Lunch

Eating at Pepper Lunch is always a hit. 

You can never go wrong with the wide range of their menu - from beef, pork, chicken, salmon, oh, I could go on. They have dessert, too. 

It’s not hard to take notice whenever you pass by at Greenbelt. With the aromatic smell, you will surely crave and want to try their selection of food. 

The dishes are served in a metal hot plate to keep the food warm. 

They have condiments like garlic, and honey brown to suit your taste.

This joint is famous for its Beef Pepper Rice. Wanting to be experimental we tried Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice and Beef Teriyaki with egg (ok not too experimental).

The difference? Beef Teriyaki is served with a cup of green beans and corn, strips of beef, egg and plain rice. Though you have an option to upgrade plain rice to pepper rice.  

Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice is already served with the mixed rice (Surprise! There’s butter inside), beef bits, egg and teriyaki sauce. 

As a treat for loyal customers, they now have the Pepper Lover’s Card where you can earn a point for every Php 20 spent. A point is equal to a Php 1 rebate. Not bad.

I’m always on the lookout for cozy interiors, Here’s a snapshot of a big blackboard suspended on the wall with chalk doodles of their logo and other stuff.

Since it’s well-liked, expect to wait in a long queue. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable experience. ◘

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