Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Ballad of John and Yoko

I thought that the name of the resto was just a tribute to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. 

But browsing through the menu gave me the impression that this is where East meets West. You have pizza, fries, chicken, steak and then ramen, sushi, sashimi, and tempura. Expect a fusion of food.

John and Yoko - Cosmopolitan Japanese is a Filipino establishment that offers appetizers and soups which range from Php 150 – 350; Rice Bowls and Teppanyaki dishes at Php 250 – 350; salmon and steak at Php 300 – 800 and their Platter meals from Php 1300 – 1800. 

We ordered for Seafood Yakisoba, Fish and Chips, and Pepper Crusted Chicken with Seaweed Butter. We tried their Red Tea and Blue Tea, too. 

Seafood Yakisoba: Ghe’s order as I’m not into seafood. Though I tried on the stir fried noodles with onions, carrots and cabbage, and found myself getting another serving. 

 Pepper Crusted Chicken with Seaweed Butter: Deboned chicken grilled just right, with creamy butter and several pieces of asparagus with al dente pasta drenched in olive oil. 

Fish and Chips: The batter used is quite flavorful and adds the right amount of crunch to the fish.  The coleslaw blended well with the fries served with tartar sauce and mayo. You may aslo add a squeeze of lemon if you want to.  

Black and white wall paper amidst red-purple d├ęcor and chairs with plastered faces of either a samurai or a geisha.  One must not be intimidated by the classy interiors although this is not a place where we are going to dine in often.  

I’ve read quite a number of negative reviews. On the contrary, it was a satisfying experience for us. The people were accommodating and service was fast or maybe it’s because there were only a handful of crowd when we arrived. As for the food, our orders are more on the safer choices.

But we would definitely come back again and be more adventurous to try more of their Japanese cuisine.    

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