Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watsons Hair Treatment Wax

Whenever I get the chance to drop by at Watsons, I always scour the store for good finds. 241 - I got two jars (500 mL) of hair treatment wax for the price of one (Php 209). 

Watsons Hair Treatment Wax comes in honey (repairing – for dry and permed hair), yoghurt (smoothing – for frizzy or curly hair) and beer (volumizing – for fine and thinning hair).  

This is a great deal ‘cause customers are allowed to buy one and take another variant.  Most promos only let you buy and get the same merchandise. 

My hair gets dull and dry since I use shampoo everyday. Thus, the need for extensive nourishment so I purchased honey and yoghurt. I get to try the best of both worlds.

As stated in the packaging:

Honey – deeply nourishes your hair while repairing each hair strand from roots to tip. Enhanced with panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein, it leaves your hair healthier and more manageable.

Yoghurt – It deeply nourishes your hair whilst helping to control frizz and curls. It leaves hair sleek and silky smooth.

Usage: After shampooing, towel dry hair to remove excess water.  Massage a generous amount of wax to hair. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

I also like the fact that the expiration date is indicated in the packaging.

 Unlike regular conditioners, the product is not hard to rinse off and it smells good, too.

It has a creamy consistency and I really feel that my hair absorbs all the nutrients the product contains. After my first use, my hair becomes soft and smooth.  

Considering my daily usage, I think a jar will last a month or two. ◘


  1. Hi... i realy need your help. Do you think it is okay for a straight hair using the Hair treatment Wax yogurt which is meant for curly hair?? Thank you.

    1. Hi, I think it's still best to use hair products based on your hair type. :)

  2. These are great finds! I want to try the Smoothing Treatment Wax :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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  4. Hi im using hair treatment now.. Ts really helps for smoothing hair and very good smell..

  5. Hi im using hair treatment now.. Ts really helps for smoothing hair and very good smell..

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