Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mr. Rockefeller: Right About Now. Check it out Now…

Don’t be fooled by its posh interiors ‘cause affordable food will greet you at Mr. Rockefeller. They boast of steaks, ribs and spanking good oysters. 

We ordered “Oysters Rockefeller”, the star in the restaurant or so the menu says. It was done in the oven with melted mozzarella on top. I challenged myself to try one as the cheese was so appealing. Even if each piece was made with 18 ingredients, I was still able to taste its freshness. Ghe could attest to this as he kept on saying “Ang sarap!” Coming from my food background, it didn’t work well for me.  

Next is “Chicken Fingers ‘n Fries” - strips of chicken with French fries and cheese gravy. A safe choice I must say. The chicken tasted like your regular supermart favorite. The fries is bland but the dip makes a difference though. 

Had we known that it comes with corn salad on a cabbage leaf, we wouldn’t have ordered for buttered kernels.  Nonetheless, the sweet and salty taste of the Buttered Corn Kernels breaks the monotony of certain dishes.  

Ghe had “Beef Lasagna” while I got “Lamb Barbeque”.

Beef Lasagna - I like that the pasta was done al dente. However, it crumbles as I was given my share. The ground beef and creamy béchamel sauce make up for it. 

Ghe’s verdict: It needs to cool a little for it to set in. It also becomes more tasteful with time. 

Lamb Barbeque – Specially marinated lamb meat grilled in skewers, served with parsley rice, grilled tomato and cilantro pesto. The meat was tough. It was not at all chewy.  Also, it was fiery hot. I am into spicy food but I hope that there was a warning about it as not everyone likes them peppery. I dipped the lamb into the cilantro pesto sauce. I even tried to pour some on my rice but I just couldn’t stand the bitter taste. I guess I’m not into herbs and the like. 


You have the option to have soup or salad to go with this dish. We went for salad and the greens were fresh and crisp.  

 They don’t have bottomless drinks but their glasses sure come in big sizes. I had lemon iced tea. You be the judge when my companion got his second round of raspberry tea.  A slice of lemon differentiates which is which. 

The leather couch adds comfort in one's dining experience.

Here are snapshots of the interiors.

I simply wish that the staffers were open in giving suggestions to the customers. This could have saved us money and duplicate orders in our selection (corn salad vs. buttered corn kernels vs. green salad). We could have chosen something else, right?

Other than that, the food was served fast and we had a hearty meal. We’ll try steaks and ribs next. ◘

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