Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Café Mary Grace

I’ve been trying out rice meals for three weeks in a row. And now my tummy longs for some bread and pasta.

I know “Mary Grace” as a store that sells baked goodies but “Café Mary Grace”? I’ve only heard of the place from a colleague and it was supposed to be last Friday’s lunch out rendezvous.

Yes, they are one and the same. The distinction lies on the dining experience and the selection of food that they offer. 

When we got there, their indoor area’s already crowded. And so, alfresco dining it is. The good thing though, even if you’re outside, the place is well-ventilated. 

On with what we had that night.

Cream Cheese and Artichoke Heart Dip – thin, crunchy slices of bread with a luscious dip. This instantly became a favorite.


Mary Grace Mushroom Cream - linguini noodles with mushrooms and is made with the essence of truffles.

Classic Carbonara – al dente pasta with mushrooms and bacon bits. Nothing much but the serving is quite big. I was only able to finish ¾ of it and I feel full already.

Since Ghe and I both ordered for cream-based pastas with no difference in the presentation, I decided to have a taste of the Mushroom Cream. ‘Twas bitter for me. I think it’s due to the truffles which contributed to its sharp flavor.

We had Mango Milk Shake and Wild Raspberry. Not your regular drinks but not that exceptional. For me, the mango shake was artificial.

Who would forget trying their sweets? We settled for grilled ensaymada and their famous cheese roll.

No words can describe the grilled ensaymada. Heating the pastry caramelizes the sugar. It’s hard on the first bite but it gets soft on the inside.

The cheese roll is moist and oozes with cheese and more cheese. 

I do like the place so much and got trigger happy with taking photos. Here are some snippets:

Reminds me of romantic cafés in Paris.

The place adorned with lights make me feel it’s Christmas already.

Sweet Nothings....

“Café Mary Grace” tops the pastries but needs to step up on the other food selection. ◘

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