Monday, October 1, 2012

I Am the Eye in the Sky

I’ve written in my list that I should be able to ride the London Eye before I hit the bucket. 

7:00 pm - Ghe and I were at the Mall of Asia waiting for a 9pm show. Since it hasn’t started yet, we took off to get some breather, got some milk tea to quench our thirst and to get refreshed from the humid atmosphere; and checked some good finds at Book Sale. Oh! We met a few familiar faces, too.

From SM MOA Arena, you can get a glimpse of the MOA Eye soaring across the horizon. There’s a part of me wanting to try and check it and a part of me wanting to chicken out.

Since I really don’t want to miss the chance, I grabbed Ghe by the arm and got ourselves VIP tickets (P500 - P250/head) where you can get free binoculars and a photo op.

You also have the option of riding a gondola at P150/head with three others.

I am afraid of heights but I didn't realize it until the once microscopic fragments get bigger and bigger and the 10-minute ride was already over.  ◘

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