Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Style Statement inspired by The Ramp Crossings

I always go to “The Ramp Crossings” whenever I want to get my fashion fix as they always have the most fashionable and chic items to browse from.

They say that trends come and go - like a cycle where one moment it’s the in thing and then in a split second it’s gone.However, the “Nautical” look is always here to stay. It’s trend-proof where you can dress it up or wear it in a relaxed casual. This style is represented by either stripes or by the white-blue-black scheme plus a touch of red.

Night – I slipped on a pair of jeans and incorporated a 3/4 length cover-up

Items A and B were previously purchased from the store. Item A is a navy blue striped top while Item B is a pair of black and white brogues. The outfit extends from day to night wear. It’s just a matter of adding the right accessories.

The rest were taken from the site as follows:
  1. Cut Out Collar Top (White) = a sheer top with removable embellishment
  2. Adrian (Blue) = a cropped cover-up that is sure to combat the fickle weather that we have
  3. Corz (Black) = pleated pants that is far from the usual pairs that just hang loose
  4. Fonda (White) = a versatile pair of flats that can be used during formal occasions or while mall-hopping 


Day – I went with brogues, denim and the striped top. A sure combination that is classy and comfy at the same time. And to break the monotony of the color, I wore some baubles for added flavor. 

The Ramp features trinkets that can spruce up any get-up.
  1. Stringed Ladies Earrings (Silver) = dangling earrings in silver and black stones
  2. Silver Cuff Bracelet = a multi-strand cuff that mimics piled bracelets with metal fringes for the edgy feel
  3. Sheri (Green/Orange/Yellow/Blue) = a tassel and crystal necklace that gives a pop of color for a color-block ensemble
  4. Colleen (Pink) = a gold fleur necklace with a touch of pink for a feminine vibe
  5. Coral Bib Necklace (Red) = a statement necklace that will catch everyone’s attention 

Choices can go haute couture and then laid-back. Truly, The Ramp offers pieces that convey what one feels. It’s not just a shop but a means to communicate one’s individuality.

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