Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Retail Design Blog

Are you fascinated by window displays, store / office spaces, designs and the like? Visit for your daily dose of architecture and art euphoria.

The site features the following:  branding, bar and restaurant, visual merchandising, furniture, eco, lighting, materials and store / exhibit / office design.

 Store Design - The Story Unfolds bookstore design & branding by Leong Huang Zi


Branding – Johnny Cupcakes T-shirts packaging


Visual Merchandising – L’Occitane en Provence flower market windows by Sheridan & Co, New York


Bar and Restaurant – Morrison Bar & Oyster Room by Akin Creative, Sydney



Exhibit DesignAriostea booth at Cersaie 2012 by Marco Porpora, Bologna

Office Design – Zapata & Herrera lawyers office by Masquespacio, Valencia Spain

Furniture – Cubit modular shelving system by MYMITO

Lighting – Your Sound Galaxy light installation by Olafur Eliasson

Materials – Cellscreen by Korban/Flaubert

Eco – WallArt eco-friendly 3D wall panels

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  1. There are some amazing designs here. I recently found the blog mentioned too, there are some really eye opening designs. Well worth a look!

    1. Yes, the designs are breathtaking.

  2. Awesome designs. Really really wonderful.

  3. Yes, very inspiring designs indeed

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