Thursday, November 1, 2012

Azure Tale

I was feeling a little like someone from a fairy book page with the top I was wearing. 

It’s a peasant top suggestive of the 60s fashion. It’s a relaxed look with a vintage experience. Further into details of polka dots, lace and ribbon. The puffed sleeves stood out on its own.

Dressing up means combining old pieces with new ones; the traditional with something contemporary. 


I then added a scarf with an animal print design. And with this post, I somehow managed to show how to wear it in two ways. 

First, by snuggly wrapping it around the neck and letting the ends hang loose at the front. 

Second, by still wrapping it around the neck but creating volume this time. 

Another highlight is the contrasting color of the blue top with the orange scarf. Blue is a cool shade while orange is warm.

I wore a pair of denim shorts.

And a pair of sneakers for a modern feel and to complement the outfit’s whimsical and romantic touch. ◘

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