Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Banana Leaf

It is a whole new experience as food is served on a banana leaf. Thus, the name of the restaurant which serves Asian cuisine.

Ghe and I got Chicken Satay, Barbecue Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs, Stir Fried Baguio Beans with Shrimp and Sambal Sauce, Nasi Goreng and (customized) Mangga Salad.

We were served with “Stir Fried Baguio Beans with Shrimp and Sambal Sauce” first. Then “Barbecue Roasted Whole Baby Back Ribs” and the “Nasi Goreng” rice.

Crisp and fresh bean stalks and every serving equates to a spoonful of rice. It takes veggies into a whole new light.

The Baby Back Ribs brags of succulent meat with an overflowing sauce that is sweet to the taste. 

The rice is flavorful since it is comprised of shallots and garlic with a sunny-side up egg. Nasi Goreng literally means “fried rice”.

They only had green mango for the shake. Since,I am craving for ensaladang mangga, they provided a customized Mangga Salad. They do not have the usual shrimp paste but offered sambal sauce, which is the Singaporean counterpart. It was way too spicy for me but I was able to tolerate it nonetheless. Plus points for giving in to my request.

The Chicken Satay was served a little late. We were halfway through our meal when it was given to us. Since we heard that this is one of their famous dishes, we thought that it should be readily available. It’s worth the wait though. Four pieces of skewered chicken with sweet and spicy peanut sauce. It proved to be one of their best-sellers. 

More snapshots...

Can you find the hidden Mickey?

Cozy interiors...

So it’s 3.5/5 for food, price and ambiance.  ◘

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