Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finding Music

I’m tracing my first encounter with music. Looking back, I think it started when I was in grade school (Grade 3…so I was 9 years old then). My uncle would drive us to school in the morning and his radio’s always tuned in to this station playing songs by the Beatles like Obladi Oblada, A Hard Day’s Night, Hey Jude and The Long and Winding Road among others. They would stick in my head like an LSS. The liking continued when my parents would listen to classics during Sundays. Now we joke about it as “Sunday’s Best”.

Television has influenced me, too. And I only realized this last week when a certain commercial gave a flashback of me watching “My Little Pony” (I guess, I was pretty much younger). Not only did I appreciate music but I was already a budding lyricist. Ok, don’t laugh now. I was so into the opening song of the said animation and I wanted to sing along everytime it was played. I could only hum the melody so I’d come up with my own words. Here’s the link:

Front Row: Himig Kumbatsero

I was able to watch Front Row’s documentary entitled “Himig Kumbatsero”. It’s basically about children who rally round and help push boats by fishermen. Sometimes they get a fish which they share with their family or sell for money. Sometimes none at all. And when they get nothing, they focus on music where CASA (Center for the Arts of San Antonio) San Miguel is instrumental for teaching these kids. I admire their fondness for music as such a young age. And I was stunned by a flawless rendition of “Canon in D”.

The gist: “Music makes you creative. It is an outlet and a way to mingle with people. You get to express yourself and it gives a sense of doing the best you can – it gives a sense of place and of who you are.”

Bottomline: Mr. Ryan Cayabyab
The host, Boy Abuda, asked Mr. C, “How rich are you?” He replied “If you walk in my library and see all my compositions, that’s how rich I am.”

Art’s Perspective
There are different views when it comes to art. Art which encompasses painting, sculpture, film, theater, photography and music.

Some say that there’s no money in having art as a profession. Or to put it, where can art take you when your stomach rumbles and hungers for food?

While some take their works as treasures where every piece is a bit of joy and happiness. It’s a wealth where no material amount could add up to.

Start ‘em young
While on a trip to a toy shop, we saw this cute little boy playing “Paper Jamz”. I asked his name and he answered “Reagan” (or is it spelled as “Raygun”?). Anyhow, at four years old he already has the stance of a musician…A future rockstar perhaps. 

 photo taken with permission

Let them young ones find their identity and individuality.  Adults are not to impose but to support. The point is, whatever decision one makes, it’s the person’s character that matters in the long run. ◘

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