Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

It’s that once a year event where office cubes turn into something fanciful and at times creepy. Slated last 23-Oct-12, it was an occasion of sorts where children and the child-like adults convened to take some time off. Well, decorating is another story. But hey, we had fun. 

Themes include Brave, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvannia, Lorax, Rango and The Smurfs to name a few.  

Our group, Ops and Gen Acc, was assigned to do Paranorman and conceptualized to set-up the graveyard, the destroyed city and the enchanted forest.  

Our team’s contribution (Belen, Jeena, Tina, Nikka, Ralen, Ria, Charms, and I) was the wishing well. We cut vines, made use of curtains in different shades of green and added some blinking lights.  We dressed-up as mystical creatures such as duck, frog, fairies, etc… Would I pass as an elf?   

The enchanted forest with the magical tree, and drapes of white lace and cherry blossoms. 


We were visited by a cowboy, a ballerina and a pirate. Even Buzz Lightyear, Robin and Spiderman came too! (photos of kids were taken with permission) 

More pix:

 1. Joy G and Elai //  2. Nikka, Ria, Ralen, Benj // 3. Tria and Julia

Top: Maricel and Vannah
Bottom: Jim and I

 1. Ms. Gil Elpedes // 2. Edhel and Jameah

Nikka, Charms, Ralen, me, Alli, Tina


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