Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tender Bob's

Another side of the city which we haven’t explored much is home to quite a number of must-try restaurants. 

We decided to dine at Tender Bob’s. The interiors are inviting and they offer scrumptious food.


My food cohort got Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (sharing). Ok, what sharing? He was able to wolf down the whole plate by himself. And what sauce? The problem, it lacked the meat sauce which the dish claims like an ocean bare of water.

While I got Baked Ziti which is penne pasta with cream and cheese. Unlike their spaghetti, it overflows with sauce. Layers of beef and rich cheese.  Plus the serving is enough for two.

We had Chicken Tenders (Original Recipe) – chicken breast fillet breaded in a somewhat spicy batter. It was served with fries and honey mustard sauce.

Tender Bob’s is actually famous for their potato skins and steaks. Good food at affordable prices…We’ll certainly come back for more. ◘

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