Saturday, November 10, 2012

TRESemmé and the Marketing of Bulk versus Retail

I am always on the watch for new hair products since I really have dry locks. I have tried almost all bottles of shampoo and conditioner out there. Some have delivered as promise while some didn’t.

It was a eureka moment when I saw TRESemmé. However, it was being sold at P280 for a 600mL bottle when it was introduced in the market.



I’m actually hesitant to spend so much for something that may work or not for me.  So imagine my happiness when I came across this trial pack of shampoo and conditioner (90 mL) for about PhP 90. When I first tried the product, my tresses became smooth and soft to touch. It smells great and the scent lasts the whole day, too. It’s not an overnight miracle wonder but it made my hair less unruly.  


This got me into thinking… Which type of product marketing works better – retail or wholesale. A little definition. According to Merriam-Webster, retail means selling of small quantities to the consumers while wholesale is the sale of commodities in quantity usually for resale. Simply put:

Retail = small-scale

Wholesale = large-scale

There are many advantages and disadvantages for each. Breaking it down to cost-budget and perception.


if one is living within a budget and a measly amount should be allotted for a lot of tangibles such as food, toiletries, others…purchasing them by “tingi” is always a good idea.

However, some people buy by the bulk since it will be cost efficient in the long run – from the savings in getting a bigger size/amount/quantity at a lesser price plus discounts to the savings in going (gas/fare) to the store.


If one is still doubtful on the effectiveness of the product, it is suggestive to get a smaller size. And from a friend’s perspective, you get the best of the merchandise in smaller quantities.

On the other hand, having something in stock gets one prepared during emergency and other unexpected events.

The bottom line is… Be it retail or wholesale, we should always get our money’s worth.



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