Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boudoir Fashion

Details of delicate flora, lace and sensual necklines distinguish boudoir fashion. It is the lingerie trend (corsets, camisoles. etc…) where intimates take the spotlight. I still wanted to look modest, so I wore a cover-up. A styling tip: you can tie the ends of your cardigan at the back so it looks like a shrug.

…Or hang the ends loose


This outfit is a trend too many as you can also describe it as a dress over pants look. I wore black leggings ‘cause I find the dress too short for my frame.

Defined cups and body-hugging silhouette are some of the features of the boudoir fashion. As for the accessories, I used what I think would appear cohesive with the whole get-up just like this watch necklace (aka pocket watch).

I put on a green bracelet with metal studs....


...and a pair of pearl earrings.


And to cap it off, my signature flats in gray with lace detailing.

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