Monday, December 10, 2012


It’s the time of year again folks when we put up our Christmas trees and set shiny displays. And the best soundtrack that I could identify with this holiday season is the Eraserheads’ Fruitcake (which also comes in a storybook).  

An advanced album was also released having only 3 tracks including Fruitcake, Old Fashioned Christmas Carol, and Christmas Alphabet. 

In reference with the album’s name, it has the right concoction of songs ranging from rock to ballad. If you are to look closely at the album sleeve, I got the cassette last 6-Dec-96 (I was 13 years old and barely a freshman in secondary school) then the book last 16-Mar-97.  

The book was edited by Jessica Zafra and I really love the graphics and illustrations which were done by Cynthia Bauzon.  

Just like children’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes, I read the book then play the album concurrently. I was a kid then. 

Here’s a print of Chapter 11 and I’m lovin’ the idea that a song was broken down into lines which were sung / spoken by the characters in the story.

I think this is the only ‘Heads album where all four of them contributed songs and where all tracks are in English.

 “Lightyears” will always be my favorite which is a ballad that draws on strings (violin, cello, viola, etc…) and it never fails to stir emotions whenever Ely sings this. Followed by an upbeat “Christmas Party” then with “Fruitcake” and “Trip to Jerusalem” (music videos were also released for these songs) to a Brit-vibe “Old Fashioned Christmas Carol”.

Who would forget an astounding “Gatekeeper” by Raimund Marasigan, “Lord of the Rhum” by Marcus Adoro and “The Fabulous Baker Boy” by Buddy Zabala.

Ending it with a somber “Christmas Morning”.

“Wake up little darlin’, it’s Christmas Morning; So rise and shine, let’s make the most of happy holidays…” ◘

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