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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let It Snow

The holidays speak of warm clothing to mask the supposed cool air of December. So I wore this peach-pale pink knit top. As G would put it, I blended in with the background. 

He kept on singing “Let it Snow” while taking my photo.  

I used a pink-brown-orange palette for the top and accessories. 

I wore a dream catcher necklace in brown

Since we can equate Christmas with sweet goodies, I put on this pair of M&M’s earrings in orange (Available at Fash Sage for only P60/pair. Just send me an email at for orders). 

Looking closely at the fabric, it has metallic threads for that shimmer and shiny effect which is just right for the occasion.

I stayed with the neutrals and opted for black capri jeans and slipped on gray flats with a cute bow accent.   

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