Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lorenzo’s Way: Where Taste Matters

Lorenzo’s Way is part of the LJC Restaurant Group which is comprised of Café Havana, Café Adriatico, Fely J’s Kitchen, Abe, Bistro Remedios and Larry’s Café and Bar.

So expect a fusion of signature dishes from the other restos aforementioned like “Gising-Gising” from Bistro Remedios, Pinakbet from Abe and “Dilis-cious Rice” from Fely J’s.

G and I were really hungry so we were not daring with our selection.  We simply opted for Empanaditas, Gising-Gising and Rosemary Chicken aside from the usual ensaladang mangga.

The shrimp paste is quite salty for my taste but works just fine to even out the sour green mango.

We were then served with four pieces of miniature empanadas. I love the texture of the dough plus the savory filling of spinach and nuts.


The first time we got to try Gising-Gising was at Fely J’s Kitchen. And just the same, we enjoyed the fresh kangkong stems in mouthwatering coconut milk.

We had Rosemary Chicken for the main course. It’s deboned chicken served with tomato sauce and buttered veggies on the side. It fell short of expectations. It looked tasty on the outside but when you slice it down to bite pieces, it lacks flavor.

Given the fact that the restaurant serves Filipino dishes, Lorenzo’s Way is still one of the top bets for food delight. ◘


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