Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pantone (Spring 2013 Color Report)

Pantone is said to be the global authority on color. It announces a “Color of the Year” which serves as a guide for designers and artists. They also come up with a palette as a standard for the season’s trends. 

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Ten exciting swatches have been chosen as Spring 2013’s color where the combination mixes brights with neutrals thus creating a balance. It’s geared towards green hues of different shades though.  

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Here are excerpts on what the color means.


Emerald – sophisticated; lively, radiant green; inspires insight and clarity while enhancing well-being

Dusk Blue - a calming sense of serenity
Grayed Jade – a subtle, hushed green with gray undertone; brings a mood of quiet reflection and repose

Tender Shoots – a vibrant yellow-green; invigorating, active and cheerful

African Violet – exotic; brings a touch of intrigue

Lemon Zest – cheerful; brings a piquant taste with its refreshing, spritely greenish cast

Monaco Blue – a classic shade that offers stability and depth

Linen – a warm neutral; light and airy

Nectarine – bright, effervescent citrus orange with coral undertones

Poppy Red – a seductive, sensual and celebratory shade


Emerald – a powerful and brilliant jewel tone perfect for men’s accessories and sportswear

Dusk Blue & Grayed Jade – staples; calming tones

Alloy – gives a strong statement

Sunflower – earthy, creates a sophisticated update to usual combinations

Tidal Foam – reminiscent of the sea washing onto the shore; with a slight hint of green, it’s spring’s answer to khaki as the perfect neutral

Vibrant Orange – animated, striking hue; provides vigor and enthusiasm

Poppy Red – dynamic and exciting

Here are design inspirations:
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