Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Solar Eye (Monologue Whispers)

The upside of listening to a song lies on one’s interpretation. It may sound something for one and then different to another. The words suggest meaning based on personal experiences. The downside is the interpretation. But music is basically THAT – being open to varied points of view.

You may call this as a follow-through on what I wrote a few months back (link here: regarding Japs Sergio’s solo album called ”Monologue Whispers”.

It’s been a year since I got my hands on the CD (digital tracks also available) and I found myself listening to the album again. Dissecting further into a favorite (you have been warned…) comes “The Solar Eye”.

I consider the song as the “most rock sounding” among the others off the album. It begins with a guitar solo then with a heavy drumbeat before going to the first stanza. It somehow bellows a revival of the grunge era.

The words are so descriptive and metaphoric at the same time, you take them as is or take them somewhere that probes the imagination.

The phrase, “I tripped the line that defines night and day”, is as close as we can get with his thoughts.

Through it all, it’s about enjoying music and lyrics altogether. ◘

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