Monday, December 10, 2012

TLC with Mom

Tender Loving Care? Perhaps ’cause it was date day (9-Dec-12) with mom. I also asked her to accompany me at the mall to buy something. We simply had lunch / snacks and then went to a coffee shop.

While having a stroll, we were able to come across TLC’s (Travel and Living Channel – Sky Cable) “Share the Sparkle” event at Greenbelt.  

We signed-up and got ourselves a card (Food Stamping) where at least four boxes should be ticked so as to avail of the gift pack. You know how mothers are (hint: buying stuff especially if there are freebies attached), so I gave in. As long as mom's happy, I won't mind.

Sponsors include Lucky Me Special, Lady’s Choice, Pop Cakes, Energen, Sun Cellular, Carb Trim, Cake Boss, Buon Natale (Papa John’s), Sophie’s Mom, White Christmas and Paskong Pinoy.

You could also get your card stamped by participating in the activities like writing your wish on the Christmas board and having your picture taken at the photo booth. I thought Mama would just like to complete four but she was game and we were able to complete all.
Here are snapshots of our escapade according to the booth we went to.

1. Lady’s Choice – we got a cup of macaroni salad

2. Pop Cakes – we had a box of cupcake with several mini cups of icing and candies  


Here's the design I have come up with.

3. Energen – they gave a sachet of Go-Fruit either in strawberry and banana

4. Carb Trim – free samples of the drink in apple and lemon variants

5. Sun Cellular – we registered and got pamphlets of their promos / products 

6. Photo Booth – a photo op with Santa

7. Lucky Me – they gave a pack of Curly Spaghetti  

8. Cake Boss – free taste of leche flan

9. Papa John’s – we had a slice of pizza   

10. Paskong Pinoy – they gave what I’d like to think as okoy 

11. Wish List – ok, all together now…World Peace

12. Sophie’s Mom – cupcakes, cookies, etc…  

13. White Christmas – we got to try their strawberry and apple snow cones 

We've completed the card.

There were games and the “Akafellas” performed at the event. Also, part of the program was to donate toys for the children at the Hospicio de San Jose in Manila.

It was certainly a fulfilled and fun-filled day for everyone. ◘


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