Tuesday, January 1, 2013

3 Ways: Black Capri Pants

Since it’s the new year, a new post is in progress. Duly named “3 Ways”, I’ll get to show you how to wear a piece of clothing in three ways. Be it your favorite top, your worn out jeans or your favorite pair of footwear.

This is in commitment of trying to mix and match whatever pieces you have in your closet. And unless your drawer spawns new outfits everyday, one has to deal with getting creative to look fresh.

This is no styling secret. You simply have to play with colors and putting on the right add-on such as a statement necklace or posh accessories. Stand out in bold colors or quirky prints.

For now, let me show you on how I wore my black, denim, capri pants.

Left:  A ¾ sleeve faux denim top, bright pink belt, glitter jelly flats

Center: Knit sweater in pale pink, dream catcher necklace, gray ballet flats

Right: Floral-printed tunic, black “kung fu” shoes

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