Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bizu Patisserie

We fancy a place where both pasta and rice dishes are being served. We chose Bizu since dining here was put off the other week.

Bizu came from the French word “Bisous” which means kiss. 

It’s pasta for G and rice for me.

Linguine with Pomodoro and shrimps Рpesto pasta with shrimps saut̩ed in pomodoro, drizzled with parmesan cheese

While mine was “La Manille” (your choice of tapa, longganisa, tocino or bangus,) served with garlic rice, fried eggs and tomato. I opted for tapa, which is tender meat in sweet and spicy sauce. I requested for scrambled eggs - fluffy with a trace of butter.

Of course, Bizu is known for their charming desserts. So we tried “Warm Profiteroles”, which is actually a cream puff (pastry ball) filled with vanilla ice cream. It can be eaten as is.

Drizzled with rich chocolate (you can really taste the authenticity of the cocoa).

Sprinkled with roasted almonds.

True enough, they offer lip smacking food and the place reminds you of French-inspired interior designs.    ◘

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