Monday, January 7, 2013


I’m loving the layered bottom look that is tights or stockings + shoes trend…either worn with a top or a dress. The tribal or ethnic print will still be prominent this year. It may come in a neutral palette or in modern neon. 

G was expecting me to wear a pair of dainty baby doll shoes but I’m more of a sneakers girl. I’m more comfortable that way.    

There are no rules in fashion. What seems to be so two years ago can become the “in” thing now. Fashion is a cycle. Break the rules. Defy the norm.

With this said, it’s the comeback of the knit bolero for me. This piece sometimes comes with delicate detailing of beads and lace.   

It’s unusual for me to wear my glasses on weekends but this torn contact lens said that I should. 

Incorporating all those elements for this feminine yet casual look.


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