Friday, January 4, 2013

Swing Out Sister

Rockin’ different fashion era in one look. I was feelin’ kinda
bizarre so I ended up with the outfit. Since I have already piled an item on top of one and then another, I tried to stick with an earthy color palette so the get-up wouldn’t look too busy.  The brown, orange and green combo worked.

I wore a tangerine tunic dress with a dark brown lace to accentuate the top; a head wrap in houndstooth fabric that somehow matched my printed tights; and a pair of dark green sneakers.

The head wrap highlights 1960’s fashion whereas the tights takes us to 1980’s retro.  

You can style it in two ways. First, by maximizing the length of the top where only a part of the shorts is shown. 

Second, by exposing the shorts completely. 

Don’t leave home without the accessories. These inspirational sayings bracelets will surely keep you optimistic throughout the day.

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1) Love • Protection • Luck • Happiness • Power • Karma
2) Be Free Spirited • Live, Love and Laugh
3) Never Say Never ‘Cause Never is Forever 
4) Dreams Come True If You Really Want Them To 

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