Sunday, February 10, 2013

And It’s All Black and Yellow

Blending in the background. My animal print top in black and yellow mixed with the backdrop.

The outfit shot was taken yesterday (9-Feb-13).  G and I were in for a hectic schedule. 

A 9am church interview. It’s your usual filling-up the forms and is the last for our requirements. I’ll dish out some deets on what happened. Father Dan did a separate one-on-one interview. It was my turn first then G. It’s just about going through the form. Then the question, why do you love him? I gave him lots of answers…and I could go on.

After, he got to talk to both of us. Father Dan asked me, “Why do you think he loves you?” It took me a while to reply ('cause I never thought that I'm a person worthy to be loved). Waterworks came in which was too embarrassing but I blurted, “I think it’s my simplicity.”

“Good start”, Father Dan replied.

We didn’t expect to accomplish the papers by February. Good thing we did. We also got to check some hotels for our wedding prep.

Then we visited the Art Fair Gallery at The Link (I’ll share photos on another post).

'Twas a tiring yet fulfilling day. ◘

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