Monday, February 4, 2013

Be at Burgerbar

We’ve been on the hunt for this joint for two weeks now. Finally we found it!!! 

We were actually overwhelmed by the food fare in the menu wanting to have this and that.   

We settled for potato wedges…though the serving was not enough to appease our appetite. 

Good thing we also got some onion rings and the batter / breading blew us away.   

We also had some Mac N’ Shrooms pasta. Scrumptious, nothing over the top. 

I must say that they’re very creative at coming up names for their menu, I actually thought that “Brown Cow Float” was your typical soda and vanilla ice cream but with the real “Brown Cow” chocolate syrup. And yes, it has been pulled out from the market many years ago. Oh well, I was still pleased with my glass of rootbeer and ice cream.   

Given the resto’s name, we didn’t let the opportunity pass to try their burgers. Hence the double cheeseburger which is an all-beef double patty, onions, tomatoes and sauce no. 3. I’m dying to know the secret recipe.  The test for real beef? It crumbles, i.e, no extenders. And this is what their burgers are.

People were friendly and very accommodating. Additional points for the music in the background. And I must say, the wait was worth it.   

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