Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mega Feb 2013 Cover – Betty and Veronica

It’s a cool idea to feature comic strip icons as cover of a glossy. The concept is new…fresh.

Once upon a time, I got hooked with “Archie”. Who wouldn’t? The comic strip presents reality with characters that we can relate to like Jughead who loves to eat; the vain Reggie Mantle; or the smart Dilton Doiley. Don’t forget the couple Midge and Moose and the school staples Miss Grundy and Mr. Weatherbee.

But for now, let’s take the spotlight to the female leads Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.
Fashion aficionados can really learn a thing or two from Betty’s sweet and simple style to Veronica’s vamp yet sophisticated form.

I really love Mega’s February 2013 issue. It has balance between text and photos that are informative and entertaining at the same time. ◘

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