Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sage’s Fave Five: Songs by Heart

My favorite Heart songs.


5. All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You 

It was a rainy night when he came into sight
Standing by the road, no umbrella, no coat
So I pulled up along side and I offered him a ride
He accepted with a smile so we drove for a while
I didn't ask him his name, this lonely boy in the rain
Fate tells me it's right, is this love at first sight
Please don't make it wrong, just stay for the night
All I wanna do is make love to you
Say you will, you want me too
All I wanna do is make love to you

Don't try to find me, please don't you dare
Just live in my memory, you'll always be there

4. Alone
You don't know how long I have wanted
To touch your lips and hold you tight

You don't know how long I have waited
And I was gonna tell you tonight
But the secret is still my own
And my love for you is still unknown

3. What About Love
I've been lonely
I've been waiting for you
I'm pretending and that's all I can do
The love I'm sending
Ain't making it through to your heart

You've been hiding - never letting it show
Always trying to keep it under control
You got it down and you're well
On your way to the top
But there's something that you forgot

What about love
Don't you want someone to care about you
What about love
Don't let it slip away
What about love
I only want to share it with you
You might need it some day

2. Nobody Home
Don't run too fast
Like a shot from a gun
Don't jump too high
And knock out the sun
Don't stray too far
Out on your own
When you finally come knocking
There'll be nobody home

You say you're feeling locked inside
Stuck inside to stay
You wanna fly away
There's nothing I can do
To help you make your play
Make your getaway

Don't dream too wild
And shoot for the moon
Don't ride your heart
Like a balloon
Don't blow away to places unknown
Cause when you finally coming knocking
When you finally come knocking
There'll be nobody home
Nobody home

1. These Dreams
Darkness on the edge
Shadows where I stand
I search for the time on a watch with no hands
I want to see you clearly
Come closer than this

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside
Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away

There's something out there I can't resist
I need to hide away from the pain

The sweetest song is silence that I've ever heard
Funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth
In a world full of princes
Freedom is a kiss

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