Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers is part of the Bistro Group which includes Italianni’s, Friday’s, Fish & Co, and Krazy Garlik to name a few.

We were looking for something different that’s why “Bulgogi Brothers” popped out of our heads. How about a taste of something Korean?

A little research here and there. Bulgogi (불고기) is derived from the words “Bul”, which means fire and “gogi”, which means meat. Therefore it literally means fire-meat.

We were served with free appetizers.

A plate of sweet potatoes, corn, quail eggs.


And three saucers with pickled eggplant, radish and kimchi (Korea’s national dish).


I really love their kimchi. I’ve already wolfed down the serving before I got to take a closer photo of it. And of course hot tea.

We got ourselves “Premium Boneless Short Ribs” which I think is good enough for two.

From raw... 

... to well-done.

We’d visit Bulgogi Brothers again ‘cause there are still a lot of dishes to try for that satiated Korean feel.

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