Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gastronomy: Mango Graham Cake

I’ll be turning a new leaf in a few months now and I need to brush up on my (non-existent) culinary skills. G’s very much into cooking (and yes eating too!) but I don’t want him to do all the work. I need to give a fair-share of the kitchen shindig.

This is also a new segment for my blog entitled “Gastronomy” where I post easy-to-do food fare from sandwiches to beverages. I’m really quite excited for summer’s snacks.

Don’t laugh now but I’ll start with a no-bake / refrigerator cake that is the Mango Graham. 

What you need:

♦(4)packs of Graham crackers
♦(3) ripe mangoes
♦(1)all-purpose cream

How to Prepare:

1. Set the first layer with graham crackers in a plastic container.

2. Generously cover the crackers with all-purpose cream 

3. Put the sliced mangoes as the next layer. Repeat the process until you reached the brim of your container.

4. I added bits and pieces of graham on top  

5. Put in the refrigerator

I could easily get lost in the Baking Section with all the candy sprinkles, chocolate add-ons, sweeteners and sugary decorations available.

Here’s my version of the Mango Graham.

I need to do something with the cake so I opted to drizzle it with chocolate syrup. I really felt like a pro adorning my masterpiece.

And the thing with food, it takes hours to prepare and hours to plate but only minutes to consume. I want more. ◘

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