Monday, March 25, 2013

Korean Beauty Loot

With the explosion of Korean beauty brands in the country like The Face Shop, Etude House, Skin Food and Tonymoly to name a few, I have yet to try the products.

While the face proves to be a raw canvas for cosmetics, I don’t know how to put ‘em on my face. Second, I mostly need skin care products since I’m hitting 30 this year.


I got this Happy Fresh Foam White Clay. The variant is formulated with 10% sebum absorbers and 20% moisturizers which remove impurities. White Clay helps eliminate excess oil and reduce shine.

This is what I really need since my skin type is oily. After its first use, I felt that all the dirt, grime and oil on my face were washed off and went straight down the drain.


I am nocturnal and by the time you get to read this, the clock says 1:30 am. Late night sleep is the culprit for my (dark) eyebags. I’m not complaining but I’m preparing for something month/s from now.  

  I purchased Panda’s Dream Goodbye Dark Eye Corrector. 

The girl at the counter told me that I’d get a freebie) if I reached this certain amount.  I only need to buy the Masquerade Mask and the Panda Eye Patch so I could get the Nutra Energy Mask. Ok. I gave in.

I have yet to state my verdict since I need to use this for quite some time to see if it really works.

The stores in chic interiors with products that come in charming packaging. They smell nice too! 

Now how do you say cute in Korean?

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