Friday, March 22, 2013

Poetry and Music Intertwined

It’s already been said that a song is poetry in motion.  The word play, not necessarily high-flown words but day-to-day expressions that are meaningful, gives more appeal really.  Thought-provoking texts of such imagery.


700 Miles – Clem (Moonlane Gardens)

Seven hundred miles
My eyes have yet to cast a look upon you
In distances that will allow me a touch of your hand,
a taste of your precious lips,
a moving scent.

My other senses are useless
Your voice is enough,
Multiplied with hundreds of messages and images
to ensnare me in just a short period of time.

I am yours now, as you are mine
Seven hundred miles away
for three full moons
All sweetness and light
Our lives have engaged.

And when the time comes
My other senses finally find you
My love will then be multiplied tenfolds.

Please – Bamboo (No Water, No Moon)

Once upon a time
There lived a boy
Was never quite clear
His place in this time
Forever longed for simpler days
A cottage in spring, a castle in winter
Oh how he loved the sun
It's shadows, it's angels
How it forever painted the world
And he stood right at the very center of the universe
Waiting for the bus to come
To take him, bang, where it had all begun

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