Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snapshot: Time

I’m gonna take my liking to photography to the next level. Photography is a moment encapsulated. Photos move us. They tell a story. They represent a memory.

I challenge myself to take a photo each day starting today (30-March-13). The post will feature raw (unedited) pictures of what I encounter on a daily basis - be it people, landscape, food…just about anything under the sun. This will help me to become better with the craft. Hopefully, I’ll get good composition, depth, light and design.

Looking back, I would wish for a lomo cam…or an SLR. But I’ll be using my point-and-shoot.

Fittingly, the first post is about “Time”

A look at the clock
Wishing to go back at the past
Wanting to pause the moment
Yearning for the future

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