Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bonchon Delivers

Bonchon really delivers.

Literally, you can now have your favorite Bonchon chicken delivered at your doorstep by dialing 633-18-18.  

Metaphorically, they do it in a remarkable manner from taking the call to special requests like extra condiments.  And when they say they deliver within 30-45 minutes upon placement of call, they totally mean it. Well, based on my experience.

I am drooling over their soy garlic chicken. The breading is so flavorful that eating at Bonchon is a daily addiction.
The spicy version’s great too. 

I added potato fries to balance out the noodles and the chicken.

Best eaten with chapchae which is sweet to the palate.

With taste and affordability, Bonchon is a favorite. ◘

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