Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters

We never got to try dining at BFAST. Now, it has become “Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters”. With all the fuss about the new resto, we checked it and boy were we surprised. With dishes that are less than a hundred, expect dining at its finest.

 Pugon Roasters' Twitter page

We tried “Pugon Roast Chicken”. It’s your usual roasted chicken but the taste gets into you bite after bite after bite.

I really love their “Angus Roast Beef”. Look at how the plating was done.

We also got “Pugon Potatoes” which is your usual potato wedges. I just don’t like drizzled gravy on them since I like ketchup more.

Intrigued, we ordered “Kaldereta Mac”. Imagine baked macaroni with kaldereta meat sauce. Overanalyzing the dish, it’s made of mashed potatoes at the bottom, macaroni in the middle and then cheese on top.

Since it’s freakingly hot, we had their “Carabao’s Milk Ice Cream Tsoknat Sundae”. The texture of the smooth ice cream plus the chocolate syrup plus the tosknat tidbits, this is a must-try. 


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