Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Principal Sponsors

Our principal sponsors - friends of parents; friends, uncles and aunts of the groom and bride.

We are lucky to have ninongs and ninangs who are of traditional / non-traditional; serious yet funny personalities.

1.) Mr. Robert Anicoche & Mrs. Connie Rojo

2.) Mr. Edgardo Roldan Jr. & Mrs. Kristine Roldan

3.) Glen Feril (representing his father Noel Feril) & Mrs. Florencia Lombardi who flew all the way from Italy when she learned that Ghe's going to get married

4.) Mr. Michael Ang & Mrs. Avie Ang

5.) Mr. Nanny Gonzaga & Mrs. Emmalyn Gonzaga

6.) Mr. Ernesto Sison & Mrs. Rebecca Sison

photos from Kuya Mike Sison


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